CBD Dosage

for Pain Relief, Anxiety & Depression, Heart Health, and many other health symptoms

It is important to remember that CBD takes time to work. While you may see some instant relief from pain and sleep issues, for more complex issues patience is required to see full lasting results.

The best care is on your side

It is also import to keep in mind everyone’s genetic makeup is vastly different, this includes tolerance, height and weight among other genetic factors. Also the individual reasons people are taking CBD are vastly different.  The key to maximum symptom relief is to find the right dosage. We have compiled data and resources from across the world to help you find the best dosages for you.

It is recommended the first fews days of trying CBD if you have never done so before to start with a much smaller dose to see how you body reacts. If you have never taken CBD before start with 3-5 mgs twice a day. If after a few days no noticeable negative side effects occur than you can bump up the doses to the list we have compiled bellow. It is important to remember that sublingual CBD administration has a duration of approximately 4-5 hours, so 3 evenly spaced dosages can be done as well.

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Definitely really works. This is the best price I have seen for the milligram quality as well. Helps me sleep at night better than any other medication I’ve tried. I have a herniated disk and it helps with the pain immensely. I can also finally sleep through the night after I take about 80 milligrams before bed. I wake up feeling refreshed. This stuff really works I was surprised at how effect is was.
Awesome product. Great service. Nothing to complain about here and you get what you pay for. Natural pain remedies are the way to go.
Peter K
Great value! Stuff works amazingly. Been using cbd for Almost 2 years this 600mg works wonders for me. Soothes my stomach and I don’t feel anxiety all day about everything anymore.