Bio Availability | What it is and how CBD is processed

Bio availability. What is bio availability you may ask? Bio availability is the degree and rate at which a substance enters the bloodstream. Oral CBD consumption is anything that you swallow or chew, This includes gummy’s, candies, chocolates, coffee, And pills. Study’s show the availability of oral cbd consumption is between 6-15%. In other words your body is only absorbing 6 to 15% of The CBD gummy or 2mg CBD pill you take. So the 10mg gummies you are your body was only actually using What a waste of money right?! Good news! Taking CBD sublingually the Bio availability was shown to be up to four times higher. Sub lingually is when you put the CBD under your tongue and it gets absorbed by your mucous membranes. The bioavailability of taking CBD sublingually was reported to be between 20 and 40%. Vaping CBD has been reported to have bio availability between 30 and 55%. Vaping or smoking CBD enters your bloodstream the fastest but also is out of your bloodstream the fastest so inhalation users have to dose much more frequently than the sub lingual and oral consumption methods. So just remember these percentages one you are looking to take your desired doses.

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