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Ian Schlotman who is a New Hampshire Native founded Herbal World Healers in 2017.  He started the company giving away CBD tinctures to friends and family who needed symptom relief for free. Word of mouth spread and soon so many people wanted CBD tinctures that he had no option to start charging to support overhead to keep up with production.  Ian was upset at the amount of misconception, lies and pure greed that was being conducted in the CBD business.  So, Ian set out to

change this by starting Herbal World Healers to promote the truths about CBD and to provide a much more affordable product that would naturally heal people.  Ian found some trusted employees and helpers and launched the products that you see today, without losing sight of why he started, to help people and spread the medicine to the people in need.  Quality and Love come first at HWH.  If you are having trouble affording your CBD medicine please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  We are here to help!

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